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New Brand Marks Bold New Chapter for the Tech Company

BLN Software, formerly known as Bridge Loan Network, is proud to announce a bold rebranding strategy that marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey in the real estate software space. This strategic initiative is set to drive the company into a new era of innovation and cutting-edge solutions, reinforcing its commitment to revolutionizing the way businesses leverage software for success.

As the software landscape rapidly evolves, BLN Software remains dedicated to redefining the industry’s future. This rebranding initiative is designed to elevate BLN Software as a pioneering force in loan origination solutions for real estate professionals. By refining the company’s brand identity, it aims to solidify its position as the go-to partner for businesses seeking advanced loan management solutions.

Key elements of BLN Software’s rebranding efforts include:

“Our main focus with this rebrand was to bring the brand identity into a more modern era, while still honoring the foundational identities that had come before,” said Taylor Fournier, Graphic Designer at BLN Software. “We decided to keep the icon, while expanding the color palette and redesigning the text portion of the logo. We manipulated parts of the logotype, creating a slot in the “O” to resemble a power button, & connecting the “F” and “T” to represent a connection or bridge. We feel confident that these design decisions help to accurately convey the brand’s ethos.”

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey at BLN Software,” said Jacob Therrien, Business Development Specialist at BLN Software. “Our rebranding strategy reflects our unwavering commitment to driving digital innovation and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.”

BLN Software invites its clients, partners, and the broader business community to join them in celebrating this exciting new chapter as they continue to lead the way in delivering top-tier software solutions for the real estate industry.

About BLN Software
BLN Software
 is the leading software provider for the private lending industry. BLN’s platform centralizes and organizes deal scenarios from direct investors, mortgage brokers, and private lenders in a cloud-based solution. Founded by industry experts with decades of experience in real estate investing and lending software, BLN Software streamlines the lending process for mortgage brokers and private lenders. BLN’s platform offers a Loan Origination System and Loan Management System, allowing users to order credit reports, background checks, property valuations, and upload required documents. Additionally, BLN’s platform allows users to easily store, and access client contact information.

With BLN Software, users can increase efficiency and grow their business. Choose the industry-leading software solution for your lending needs.

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