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Features to Love About Your Loan Management System

Loan Management Systems can be very helpful for broker’s processes and pipeline management. It is an important tool for your business, and there are certain features you should love when conducting your business in a Loan Management System.

Streamlining the loan process

Loan Management Systems can automate the loan application and origination process, allowing you to process more loans in less time. This can help your team to increase their loan volume and revenue. All your loan files and data will be in one place, meaning you spend less time organizing files and more time closing deals.

Managing your pipeline

Loan Management Systems can provide you with a dashboard that shows the status of all your loans. Monitor your loan pipeline and prioritize your work according to the status of each loan. A key feature in our Bridge Loan Network Loan Management System, is a loan progress toolbar that shows the status of your current loans. This allows you to see where in the loan process as specific deal is, helping you stay organized and on top of your workload.

Automating communication

Loan Management Systems can help automate communication with borrowers, sending out reminders and updates on loan status, payments due, and other important information. This can help you stay in touch with your borrowers and provide better customer service. Bridge Loan Network’s Loan Management System can also send you loan milestone emails, allowing you to stay on top of your lending timelines. You also have the ability to communicate securely with your client directly within the software through the message log.

Ability for integrations and partnerships

Optimize your lending practices and improve your bottom line through partnerships and integrations within your Loan Management System. With open API capabilities you can connect partnerships to the system, like Bridge Loan Network’s partnership with Private Lender Link, you can receive lender suggestions and scenario input from the PLL team directly into your Loan Management System portal.

Overall, Loan Management Systems can help brokers streamline their loan origination and management processes, increase their loan volume and revenue, and provide better customer service to their clients. Reach out to the Bridge Loan Network team for more information about how our Loan Management System (LMS) can help your brokerage today!