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Tradeshows: Post-Show Reflections

Now that you’ve had a successful show, it’s time to determine how successful this venture was for you and your business. How you determine success is ultimately up to you. You may decide to base the success on how many deals you closed with connections made at the show. Or maybe you base your success on how many new connections you made while there. Ideally, you should set these success metrics before the show begins, to help ensure tracking post-show success runs smoothly.

When it comes to following up with new connections, start by reaching out through email. Thank them for coming to the show, connecting with you and recap your business and how you can work together towards a common goal. Include any application links you may have, as well as general information about your business as a refresher, based on any conversations you had while at the show. If one of your success metrics is to set up meetings or product demos with your new connections, Calendly can make scheduling these meetings simple. If you have a Calendly account, you can include your appointment link for simple scheduling through email.

Reflecting on the show, it’s important to review your performance, but it’s also important to reflect on the overall atmosphere of the show. What did you do throughout this show that worked well to reach your success metrics? And is there anything that you can do for the next one to make it even more successful?

If you are exhibiting at the show, it’s helpful to review the logistics post-show. What were some specifics of the floor set-up? Your booth location on the show floor can make a significant difference in the overall performance throughout the show. Centralized locations and those near main egress doors usually provide ample foot traffic, which can present relevant deal scenarios. It may also be possible that you found your booth location was surrounded by companies or brands not in line with your customer base, and your booth performance lacked as a result.

Overall, consider if the show was right for you. Was it worth your time and effort to attend, and would it be beneficial to go again? Or maybe you determine you didn’t have success, and that’s okay. Take time to reflect on this show and figure out what you should change for the next show. Now you have determined your success metrics and what you’re looking for in a show you can better determine what is needed to be successful in the future.