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Working from Home Tips and Tricks

Many companies, including Bridge Loan Network, have implemented a new policy where employees are to work remotely during this coronavirus pandemic.  And if you’ve never worked from home before or for this long of a time, then this can be a bit challenging.

Here are four tips for working remotely during this time:

Stick to a Routine

Although we are working remotely, and our “normal” routine has been disrupted it’s important to stick as close to your normal routine as possible. This includes taking small breaks throughout the day, and lunch break to step away from your office. These breaks are vital for your mental health and will help improve your ability to focus when it’s time to get down to business.

Starting your day and ending your day around the same time is also crucial. Our homes are now our work stations which makes it seem impossible to step away, as you can easily check your emails anytime. But by creating separation in the day between work hours and home hours you will help create a sense of normalcy during these stressful times.

Create a Designated Workspace

If you don’t have an office in your home, pick a corner or room in your house to create your designated workspace. This can also help you create separation in your personal and work life where you have a specific place you can hunker down during normal working hours, and then “leave” when the workday is over.

You can also do this on your computer or laptop you are using for work if it is your personal laptop.  For example, I’ve created a separate profile on my laptop that I use just for work. This houses all my work documents, email folders, and favorite webpages. Then when I am done for the day but still need to use my laptop I can switch profiles. This way I am not constantly checking emails throughout the night and I can start the day refreshed.

Stay Aligned with Company Culture

It’s important to maintain the team morale and although we cannot all be together in an office setting, or meeting after work at happy hour staying connected to both the company culture and your teammates is important. Continuing those social interactions although remote will keep your company culture alive. Small things like sending funny emails, playing virtual games, or even Zoom happy hour calls can help reduce the feelings of isolation and anxiety, knowing everyone is in this together and available if you need them.

Embrace Technology

Technology is the reason we can all work from home in the first place, so embrace the different ways you can connect with your team. This can go beyond just working on the computer or phone calls, but through the different software solutions, you can adopt. Many including our team are relying on Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting and our Bridge Loan Network software while working from home to stay connected to each other as well as our customers.

Many of these software solutions also allow users to see each other face to face (virtually) so embrace the webcam too. Webcams can help in both meetings and webinar sessions as people can see who is talking and non-verbal cues that are important in conversations. Plus, it helps your team feel less isolated and alone.

The Bridge Loan Network software is a cloud-based system that also allows for your entire team, and customers to work on the same loan file in true time while working remotely. Plus, all training on the software can be done virtually, so if you or a member of your team would like more training on the platform contact a member of our team today.

Change takes time to get used to, and everyone’s work situations and team dynamics are different, so be mindful to cut yourself some slack especially during these stressful times.