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Adding a Touch of Technology to Your Property

Investing in a fix & flip property but not sure how to make it unique? Or maybe you’re searching for more investment rental properties but aren’t quite sure what to pinpoint. Alexa has certainly brought many of us into a new sector of technology in our homes. But have you ever thought about taking it a step further for your clients? What if you could have built-in smart systems within your home? Add some flair to your investment properties to broaden your tech-savvy audience.

For starters, you may want to think about investing in 5G connectivity. Keep up with the trends, and more importantly, the internet connection! Whether you are looking for an investment property or engaging in a fix & flip, you want to ensure the best of the best for your clients. For a faster and more reliable connection, 5G is certainly worth checking out for your properties. To handle this capacity, you would also need to look into updating the technology of your infrastructure. The update will go beyond changing your connectivity to 5G but will allow you to make other improvements in the home. Your clients would be thrilled to know their property has the strongest internet connection.

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells alert residents when someone rings the door and shows a clear image, based on the connection to a smartphone. This is a great highlight for clients because not only does this add another level of safety, residents no longer have to hesitantly peek through the curtains to see who has approached. There are a variety of smart doorbells that can be installed, and some systems even send an alert when someone is approaching. A simple addition to a fix and flip that can go a long way.

Smart Heating

Looking for a unique appliance in your next investment property? Smart heating may be your answer. Smart thermostats control the temperature in buildings via Wi-Fi and cell phones. They can automatically change the temperature depending on the time of day for preference. Some systems are even able to detect when residents are not in the building based on the location of the connected phone. The heating system can automatically shut off, which in turn saves money. For renters, saving money is a key component to properties so smart heating will surely be a feature worth installing.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting allows residents to turn lights on and off simply from the touch of their phone. In addition, the brightness and colors in different rooms are also able to be controlled. Depending on the system installed, motion sensors can detect a presence and automatically turn lights on and off as well. Smart lighting not only offers convenience but security too.

There surely are many other smart appliances you could add to your property for home improvement. The convenience, long term money-savers, and improved security measures speak for themselves. Not only will a greater pool of investors be interested in these advanced technological applications, but a larger profit can also be made at the conclusion of a fix & flip. Be sure to include smart technology at the top of your list for your next investment property!