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House Hunting Through Technology

House Hunting Technology This quarantine has surely changed everyone’s day to day routines. We have all had to adjust to the world as we know it while maintaining as much normalcy as possible. The real estate industry has been navigating through these trying times, just like everyone else. One thing for sure that many have relied on is the use of technology. Schools have moved their classes online, companies are holding virtual meetings, and more. The real estate industry took advantage of technology to continue supporting its clients in all efforts. So yes! You can still house hunt during this time, and that is thanks to technology!

3D Tours

This quarantine ironically provides many benefits to those who are house hunting during this time. Many companies have hooked onto the virtual reality and have created 3D tours on properties. Panoramic photos that are taken of the property allow for the 3D showings to occur. Websites allow users to be interactive and make it feel as if they are really there. They can “walk” through spaces virtually and see everything just as a normal showing would be. This convenience allows clients to check out properties while still in their pajamas!

Taking Advantage of Extra Time

Applications such as Zoom, Teams on Microsoft, Skype, and even FaceTime allow for companies to continue business as usual. This includes adhering to clients who want to view properties. In addition to being able to view properties from the comfort of your own home and continuing to stay safe, chances are most clients have a little more free time on their hands. This quarantine is forcing all of us to take a step back from our typical, busy lives, and in turn, more time can be dedicated to carefully searching into all aspects of properties for sale. Clients may even have extra time to view more properties compared to being under normal circumstances.

Broader Reach

Virtual property tours are also a great alternative to those looking into properties out of state. Rather than making the long trek to visit a property, through the use of technology clients can do the same thing while being safe at home! The use of technology for property tours is a win-win situation. It allows those in the business to reach a larger audience, and it allows clients to check out more properties without spending the gas money to travel or time being stuck in traffic. This innovative virtual reality can truly benefit clients by allowing them to look into anything and everything that interests them.