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Five Ways to Market Your Loan Application Link

application linkBridge Loan Network has developed our Referral Program to serve as a centralized location for loan officers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, contractors, REO agents, and other members of the real estate industry to find financing for their clients.

Plus, the program is super simple, and you can earn a referral fee for any loans that close. Simply contact our team at Bridge Loan Network to have a personalized loan application link set up and then share that resource with your customers.

Once you have your application link here are five ideas on how to market your link to your customer base and beyond.

  1.  Add Application Link in Email Signature

One of the easiest ways to have your application link reach your clients is by simply adding your application link into your email signature with your contact information. Just make sure to highlight what the link is for, for example, “Looking for financing for investment properties? Apply Now”.

  1.  Write a Blog Post

If you or your company has a blog page on your website, consider writing a quick blog post about private lending and investment properties, and include your loan application link. If you need inspiration for a post, checkout our Company News page.

  1.  Embed Application into Your Website

Consider adding a blurb or button onto your website that directs clients to your link. Include information about the link like, “Finance Your Next Investment Property with the Top-Rated Private Lenders. Apply Now.”

  1.  Post on Social Media

Experts in our space are always sharing and re-sharing information about the real estate investing space. Share your experience and include your application link and add the link in the about section on your social media pages.

  1.  Add to Newsletter

Add this new resource, offering private lending options to your customers, to a newsletter email campaign. Highlight that this is a new feature to better help your customers.

Once your customers complete your application link you can be as involved or hands off as you’d like with the loan scenario, and once the loan closes you will receive a compensation for referring the deal.

Remember as long as you use your personalized application link, anyone that comes to us through the link will be credited to you. Plus, all application and links will be branded to your company.