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Four Home Staging Tips for Your Next Fixer Upper

Home Staging TipsAlright, you’ve done all the hard work and completed your latest fix and flip project. You’ve checked all the boxes on your rehab list, and it’s time to list the property for sale.  Before you do, follow these four home staging tips and tricks to sell the flip quickly so you can get started on the next.

  1. Clean, Clean, Clean

Construction zones are messy so first thing first, scrub any and all surfaces in the house. This includes cleaning all the windows (inside and out), light fixtures, ceiling fans, countertops, and appliances. Potential buyers look at and touch everything, so make sure the entire house is spotless.

  1. Curb Appeal

First impressions count, and buyers will take notice that when a house looks cared for on the outside, the inside must be maintained to that standard as well. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out with extravagant gardens and lawn fixtures, just keep it simple. Mow the lawn (or add fresh sod), powerwash the walkways and siding, and plant simple greenery and blooming flowers. Also, just by adding a welcome mat to the entrance way can help set the tone for what’s to come inside.

  1. Maximize the Floor Plan

Playing up the floor plan and square footage in the house can be done with strategic furniture placement. Arrange the furniture around a focal point in the room, like a fireplace in the living room, or where the bed will be in the master bedroom. If the house has an open floor plan, highlight where the separate room set-ups would go.  If there is no open floor plan, highlight the flow from one room to another with the furniture arranged to create an easy, clear path.

  1. Set the Scene

Buyers don’t want to have to imagine how accommodating the home will be for entertaining family and friends, so it’s helpful to set the scene in the house. Set the dining room table with cloth napkins, dishes, and a nice centerpiece. If there is a bar area add some wine glasses and decorative bottles. In the kitchen place matching mugs and bowls, and cookbooks on the counters. You can also play up the bathroom areas by laying out matching hand towels, decorative soaps, candles, and faux flowers.


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