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Protection of our Clients Information at the Forefront

Data ProtectionIn our industry, both in the private lending and financial technology industries, client and data protection are top of mind for both the company and customers. This is never more true than when dealing with someone’s book of business and their specific clients they have worked so hard to acquire. This is even more important when working with both someone’s business and personal information.

At Bridge Loan Network we take the protection of our client’s information seriously and our team has worked hard to create a secure network for all our users, including brokers, direct borrowers and lenders.

To ensure our broker’s client’s information is protected, as well as the broker client relationship, all approved and vetted lenders on our network are required to sign our Lender Agreement. This agreement states that if there is a broker who has brought client to a lender, the lender is required to work directly with the broker on the deal, and never go directly to the broker’s client. This of course can be amended if the broker gives permission for the lender to speak with the borrower about the specific scenario or application.

As a lender on our platform we promise that any client, either broker or borrower, who comes directly to you for funding will always then be assigned to your company through our lender relationship algorithms. You will always be the first to know if your client has submitted a loan request, and if it’s something that is outside your scope of lending, you have the option to refer the deal to our Marketplace Portal.

Our Marketplace Software also uses relationship algorithms to protect brokers from having past clients circumvent them by going straight to a lender in our system. Any loan that comes in from a past client who has previously come into our system through a broker, will always be assigned to the broker’s company. This will also trigger an alert to you as the broker, to let you know that your client has submitted a new loan request in Bridge Loan Network.

Bridge Loan Network values the relationships that brokers and lenders develop with their clients, and we want to protect our brokers and lenders by ensuring that their clients stay their clients.

If you would like to learn more about our Marketplace Portal or Loan Management System, please contact a member of our Bridge Loan Network Team today!