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Streamline Your Process with Bridge Loan Network

Streamline ProcessBridge Loan Network is the industry solution for streamlining the process of originating hard money loans. With more features than before, your company can do more on Bridge Loan Network’s Loan Origination System (LOS). Our team has taken some of the most tedious tasks and offered them to you with the click of a button.

Order appraisals, pull credit and background, communicate with brokers, upload and manage documents, all without ever leaving the platform. Our LOS also has a built-in rehab budget for borrowers to complete. Lenders can also charge fee’s through the system that the borrower can pay by following a simple link.

We also offer our LOS users the ability to link our software directly to your website, allowing borrowers to input loan requests directly to your team. Provide a similar link to your best brokers, to guarantee that their business comes directly to you.

Don’t forget about the deal flow that our referral network can bring to your company too… Our Network has more brokers than ever before. Those brokers input deals that need funding, you as a lender on our platform have the opportunity to fund these deals. With our network you will receive more than just a name and email address as a lead, you will be getting partially complete packages. And, the best part is that the deals you receive will be specific to your lending parameters, giving you the most qualified leads.

Originating loans has never been easier than it is today with Bridge Loan Network. Training and on boarding are free, and our hard-working team is always available to answer any questions. Let us help streamline your origination process!

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