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Appraisal Nation and Bridge Loan Network

Bridge Loan Network has recently partnered with Appraisal Nation to make it simple for lenders to order appraisal directly through Bridge Loan Network. With one click you can order an appraisal for any property nationwide.

In the private money industry, time is one of the most valuable assets. Appraisal Nation saves your company time by stream lining the appraisal process. Simply place an order through our system to Appraisal Nation and they will do the rest. Utilizing their nationwide network, your request will be assigned to a certified appraiser within an average of 4 hours.

After the appraisal is scheduled, Appraisal Nation’s Client Service team will continue to work with the appraiser until the report on the property is finished. Once the report is complete, Appraisal Nation has their in-house appraisers review the to ensure all fields are complete.

Now that Appraisal Nation has partnered with Bridge Loan Network, we are excited to bring our clients the ability to order appraisals directly through our system. Making the appraisal process faster and easier for all of our clients.