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Is Your Current Process Killing Productivity?

Simply stated, how your lending process is structured holds a significant role in how efficient, compliant and quick your organization is in processing a loan from application to closing.

Quite often we meet individuals whose main form of a “Loan Origination System” or “Loan Management System” is with many, many excel files and back and forth email chains.  But what happens when a file is deleted, or an email chain becomes so long you can’t find the information you need for the loan file? By having one secure location each team member can access for all loan documents and pertinent information is how you can bring your lending business to the next level.

We’ve built our Loan Origination System (LOS) and Loan Management System (LMS) based on feedback from other lenders and their processes, so we could help streamline them. With Bridge Loan Network’s LOS, we can integrate your loan application right into our software. Additionally, your brokers and borrower can do more than just apply for a loan. They’ll be able to add in required loan documents and authorize a credit and background check before you even look at the file. You’ll also be able to track the loan from beginning to end, without the use of paper documents and excel files.

See the difference for yourself, give Bridge Loan Network a call (860.432.9700) to learn how our Loan Origination System and Loan Management System can improve your lending process.