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Bridge Loan Network’s Referral Program

Referrals Welcome!

Let’s Grow Our Businesses Together

Bridge Loan Network has developed a Referral Program that serves as a centralized location for real estate investors, contractors, REO Agents, and other members of the real estate industry to find hard money financing for their clients and receive a commission for the referral.

The premise of the Referral Program is simple. Our web developers at Bridge Loan Network will set you up with your own web application link where we can track the loans that come through so you can receive a commission for the closed loans. Then once your personalized application link is created, you can either direct people to apply by sending the link, or by adding a button to your website.

We also suggest adding a small amount of text around, or below the application link to help visitors on your site know where to apply for the hard money loans. Two examples our current Referral Program Members are using are below:

“The Fastest Route Between Loan Application and Closing for Hard Money Deals. Apply for a Loan Today!”

“We provide hard money loans and commercial lending options for real estate investors with competitive rates and terms. Apply Now.”

Pro tip: Don’t have a website? We can still build you a personalized Referral Application page that you can send to your clients in order to get deals in!

Benefits of the Referral Program:

How the Referral Program Works:

  1. Bridge Loan Network creates your own personalized Referral Application Link
  2. Add Referral Application Link to current site or send directly to clients looking for funding
  3. Loans submitted will be sent to industry leading private lenders on the Bridge Loan Network Software
  4. Lenders will contact applicant’s directly to process the loan request
  5. When the loan closes, you as the referral source will receive a commission on the deal
  6. Repeat and earn easy referral commissions!

Apply to become a Referral Program Member today!