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Exciting New Software Features

As you know, our system has the ability to track your client’s loan from beginning to end. However, we are constantly striving to add more features in order to decrease the amount of work involved for all parties and increase closing efficiency. That’s why Bridge Loan Network is excited to introduce our newest feature, the ability to pull credit history!

The credit check is good for 90 days. What that means is your client’s credit doesn’t have to be ran multiple times by multiple lenders. Bridge Loan Network will run the report once and keep it safe and sound on our system for 90 days so it can be seen by the multiple lenders on our site. One credit check means not only will your client save money, but it will help to maintain their credit score.

Lenders, when we say browse completed loan packages, we mean it! This feature allows you to quickly determine if the borrower’s request meets your criteria. It also saves you time, no more asking for, or waiting around for credit scores to be checked. It’s all right here, in our loan origination system!

Lastly, payment for the credit check is also processed through our system allowing you and your clients to truly keep all documents in one, safe spot. Join us today if you’re looking to introduce a new way of closing hard money deals to your clients. Contact us for help getting started.